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How To Be A Better Sim Racer – Our Beginners Guide!

How to be a better sim racer

Do you want to learn how to be a better sim racer? Although you may not realize it, there are six key factors that will get you on your way to becoming the best sim racer in the world. These six factors include practice, car control skills and consistency, mental game, nutrition and fitness. These factors can all be combined to make you a better driver, regardless of what racing sport you are playing.

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

Sim Racing Tips For Beginners

Learn how to brake correctly

You must be able to stop in the turn and keep a tight circle around it. You need to have good throttle control, be smooth with your steering inputs and use the right amount of brake pressure. This will allow you to move quickly while not locking up your tires. Start racing in lower class cars to gain experience.

Start racing in an entry-level series such as Formula Renault or Mini Cooper if you’re just starting out. There will be less traffic, more track for passing and slower cars so it will feel easier than when you race against faster cars with better handling.

Use the Steering Wheel

You can use the car’s steering wheel or your PC game controller to steer. Not just pedals and shifters. It is recommended to use a real wheel/steering and pedal set such as Logitech G29, if you play on PS5. They have better force feedback, which will help you get a feel for your car.

Be smooth

You should be as smooth as possible with your inputs.

Do it!

Practice, practice, practice. You can improve your skills by racing in all modes/races of the game. This will give you more experience when you race against tougher opponents.

Take care!

You can learn how to not overdrive your car so it can go faster around corners when driving well. This is another way of saying that you should take smooth driving inputs like braking points/pressure, turning into turns (early and late), and throttle applications (early and late). Don’t let this discourage you.

It’s OK to crash a lot. This is just a sign that you are trying new things. You will learn more if you find practice tracks that don’t change so quickly. These skills will be useful when racing sims on real tracks online.

Use automatic transmission

It’s OK to use an auto transmission in the beginning stages of sim racing.


In the beginning stages of sim racing, it is important to use assist when driving on new tracks. While some people enjoy having all the assists, it’s not recommended. If your opponent has more than one advantage, they will take over.

Do not give up!

It’s OK to give up if a race seems difficult or that you feel like you have no choice but to try again. You can take a break from racing to recharge your motivation and energy so you are ready to go back when the race is over. For someone passionate about racing, a little rest is a good thing.


There is no better way to learn how to be a better sim racer, than to watch videos and streams of other people on the internet to see how they sim race. Although it might seem surprising, this may give you some ideas and methods that you can try. Perhaps watching someone else’s success will help you to see your own potential.

A virtual sim racing tournament is also an option. This allows you to race against other people, and meet new friends who share your passion. This is a great opportunity to let your competitive spirit out on the track, not only with no one around but with others who share similar interests.

How to Get Faster In Sim Racing

Sim racing is easier if you know the basics of the car and can practice your driving technique. You must quickly learn the track when racing online.

It is best to practice your driving skills and understand the track during a race. It is important to learn how to handle traffic. Other drivers will also be learning the track, so it is worth taking your time. These are some of the top ways to Sim Race faster.

Learn about Trail Braking

Trail braking is a crucial skill in racing. This allows you to seamlessly transition from full throttle pressure to slower speed cornering, and applies more grip onto the track surface. It also makes it easier for your car’s steering input to be consistent. Advanced setups are available. Advanced setups are best for beginners.

Learn more about downforce

You can add more grip to your car when cornering, but it can also be dangerous if your racecar is not set up correctly when you run in a group of cars or under track conditions that are different than what you have tested them for. Get better at looking ahead . Looking ahead is the best way to improve your sim racing lap times and racecraft.

This will enable you to see what is happening around you, and make better decisions when turning at high speeds.

Place your field of view correctly

Although setting your field of view is something that most people don’t think about when sim racing, there are several reasons to do so. Setting the correct FOV can help you feel more immersed in the game and also reduce neck pain caused by long hours of playing.

Be consistent and quick

While everyone loves a fast car, it is important to keep your head up. Sim racers need to have focus and speed. You don’t want your sim racing car to go too slow, which can be frustrating.

Turn off assist

Many new players disable these assist features because they don’t feel they have enough control of the car. Although this is true initially, it will become less apparent as you gain more experience and learn about the track. These assist features include steering, stability control, and braking. They can hinder your ability to learn how the game works.

These assists can make driving more difficult as you are able to use less computer assistance. However, this can be a good thing since it gives you greater control of your car. Turn off the assist next time you enter a race. You will be amazed at how it affects your game play. These features may make driving easier. You can do this before or during gameplay, but it should be a part of every racer’s routine after they reach a certain level.

Make sure to use the entire track width

Sometimes it is impossible to do so, but you should use all of the track for straights and turns. Cornering is a dangerous activity. While it’s okay to accelerate by lifting the throttle or coasting through turns, braking can cause cars to lock up and you lose control. Try to get off the gas as soon as you can, and then turn in as quickly as possible.

This is because if a car turns too fast, it will begin understeering which can lead to slower speeds. You should not overdrive corners if you don’t feel the car is giving it enough throttle. This will cause slower speeds. You can either go for it on another lap, or wait until you have the opportunity to pass someone.

Replays available

It’s a great idea to take a few videos of faster drivers to see how they handle turns and bumps on the road. For comparison purposes, you can also watch other types of racers on different tracks and courses. This will help you to determine what works best for your style of play. Don’t try to imitate what you see, but rather use this information as a tool for learning useful information that will help you improve your play.

If you observe one driver doing better in exiting turns, then you might want to note their brakes and acceleration so that you can use those strategies when you play. You might find that the driving of other drivers is not as good as yours, but it might still work for you.

You can also watch replays of other races. This will help you to see how things are going. This will allow you to note the mistakes made in each instance so that you can learn from them and do better next time.

Remember that not all your rivals will be on the track with you. Sometimes they could be other drivers who are still watching your race but have finished it.

Do it!

To improve your game skills, practice every day. You can watch videos or learn from tutorials how to win races. If you don’t feel you are making progress, spend some time in a non-competitive setting and turn off your driving aids.

It is important to practice in any activity, but sim racing is especially challenging because there are many other factors involved than your reflexes or hand-eye coordination. If you don’t feel you are making progress, you can practice in a non-competitive setting and turn off any driving aids. This will allow you to improve your driving skills without having to rely on external factors (e.g. traction control and ABS.

What is the average time it takes to be a sim racer?

Sim racing can be difficult to master, just like any other skill. You may need to practice for 2-3 weeks before you are comfortable racing. You can speed up your learning and make it more fun by practicing well.

Can racing sim make you a better driver?

Sim Racing can improve your driving. Many sim racers have successfully made the switch to racing real cars and are now successful.

Is sim racing making you tired?

Simracing can be mentally draining especially in the beginning. After an hour of focus, you’ll be tired. You’ll feel tired after an hour of intense focus.

How much money do sim racers make?

A sim racer can earn anywhere from several thousand to many thousands of dollars annually. However, their income depends on the game that they are playing. They need to be skilled.

Is sim racing is good for the brain?

You can improve your brain’s ability to reduce the signalling which causes an increase in heart rate, adrenaline and sweat. This will make you more capable of controlling your emotions in stressful real-world situations.

Why do sim racers use gloves?

They are used in sim racing to improve a driver’s grip and give them a real race feeling. However, their main function is to reduce hand fatigue so you can continue racing longer.

Does sim racing burn calories?

Sim racing is a good way to burn calories. It is believed that the hourly rate ranges between 150 to 250 calories. It is approximately twice as many calories to burn when you’re inactive than it is when you do.

Is sim racing difficult?

Sim racing is not an easy hobby. It can take patience and time. Before you can even get on to the track, there are many titles and lots of tracks and racing styles to learn.

Are sim races accurate?

Sim racing hardware and software are improving rapidly. Although you may not feel the real-life motion, sim racing offers the most realistic gaming experience.

What simulator do F1 drivers use?

F1 2022 may be the most popular F1 simulator. However, iRacing offers a more realistic F1 experience than the F1 series. Assetto Corsa or Automobilista are modable to simulate F1 racing.