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Best Racing Steering Wheel Stand (Review & Buying Guide) In 2022

Best Racing Simulator Wheel Stand

Want to take your sim racing to the next level? Using the table or computer desk is okay but if you want to get serious, get yourself a racing wheel stand setup. Having an adjustable stand to house your wheel and pedals will make you more comfortable and improve your sim racing experience.

We’ve taken the time to compare the best steering wheel stand setups on a range of budgets, so you have an easy fold-away solution for your sim racing.

Best Sim Racing Steering Wheel Stand

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Next Level Racing Foldable Wheel Stand (NLR-S002)

Next Level Racing Foldable Racing Wheel and Pedal Stand for PC, Xbox and Playstation (NLR-S002)

Amazon: £169.28

This top-end wheel stand from Next Level Racing is a rock-solid solution to have your wheel, pedals and shifter all in a realistic racing position. The stand can be folded down in less than five seconds to be packed away and be stored, great for the casual sim racer. There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a good racing game, and this highly adjustable wheel stand can adjust to fit 4ft children all the way to 7ft adults! Compatible with all major wheels around, including Logitech, Fanatac, and Thrustmaster, this stand is our favorite and best racing wheel stand for beginners and seasoned sim racers.


  • Easy To Setup, Almost Fully Assembled
  • Highly Adjustable Wheel & Pedal Positions
  • Gear Shift Stand Interchangeable Between Left & Right
  • Can Be Folded & Stored In Less Than 5 Seconds
  • Premium Build Quality, Powder Coated Steel
  • Compatible With Most Sim Devices Available


  • Expensive For Beginners

Next Level Racing Lite Wheel Stand (NLR-S007)

Next Level Racing Lite Wheel Stand (NLR-S007)

Amazon: £109.98

Another solid contender and what we think is great value for money is the Lite version of the Next Level Racing wheel and pedal stand. Built using the same premium materials and adjustable for all major wheels, pedals, and gear shifters, this is a great racing wheel stand for first-time sim gamers.


  • Solid Stand For Your Wheel, Pedals & Shifter
  • Folds Away In Less Than 10 Seconds
  • Gear Shift Stand Interchangeable Between Left & Right
  • High Build Quality, Powder Coated Steel
  • Compatible & Predrilled For All Major Brands


  • Less Adjustment & Not As Luxurious As Pro Stand

Budget Steering Wheel Stand

Steering Wheel Stand

Amazon: £49.99

As cheap as it gets without building your own makeshift wheel stand, this budget option is perfect for beginners and those looking to get into sim racing. If you need a platform for your wheel and pedal setup without breaking the bank, then this is the best choice and therefore, our best budget racing wheel stand.


  • Very Affordable
  • Height & Tilt Adjustable
  • Angle Adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Fits Most Logitech, Xbox, Madcatz & Thrustmaster


  • Budget Entry, Standard Build Materials
  • Limited Adjustment
  • A Little Flimsy
  • Only Fits Entry Level Wheels

Wheel Stand Buying Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy, you need to consider what type of setup you want.If you’re more of a casual sim racer and just want a comfy ergonomic gaming chair with a wheel stand, then there are plenty of affordable options which can be folded away and easily stored. Much better than the computer desk!

Serious sim racers and those who have the space for a permanent setup, have the option of a full racing cockpit rig, which can accommodate the wheel, foot pedals, shifter, screens, and other sim accessories.

So with that in mind, here are the three different types of racing simulator seat setups and who should buy them:

Racing Style Seats + Wheel Stand

These gaming chairs are designed after classic racing car seats and come with wheel and pedal stands. The budget models usually have a collapsible design which makes them ideal for the casual racer. With affordable prices and a variety of options available, these are a great step up for beginners instead of using the coffee table or computer desk!

Buyers Checklist

  • An Ergonomic Seat
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Fully Adjustable (Height, Tilt, Armrests, etc)
  • Strong Build, High-Quality Materials
  • Stylish Sleek Design
  • Comfortable For Long Periods of Use

Full Racing Cockpits or Rigs

A cockpit is a permanent setup and consists of a metal frame on which you can mount a seat, wheel, shifter, and other racing equipment. Used by professionals and serious sim racers, these complete set-ups fully mimic your car interior. Popular cockpits come with the seat included, however other options are more customizable and require you to purchase seats and accessories separately. With the premium build quality and engineered for expansion, these racing cockpits are not cheap and are targeted towards professional racers.

Buyers Checklist

  • Multi-Bar Wheel Support
  • Expansion for Monitors & Other Accessories
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Sleek Realistic Cockpit Design

Motion Cockpits

Now, this is where it gets interesting. For those without a budget and who want the best possible sim racing experience, cockpits can be bought with motion-controlled systems. This means the seat literally moves based on what’s happening in-game, taking the casual experience up to the extreme and making it much more immersive. It blurs the lines between reality and the game so you’ll feel as if you’re in a real car!

Buyers Checklist

  • Full Motion Including Tilt, Turn & Movement
  • Integrated Audio Surround Sound
  • All Features In A Regular Racing Cockpit

Hopefully, that should give you much better insight into the options available for us sim racers and help you choose your setup! The ultimate guide to the best racing simulator seats & cockpits in 2022.