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Best Sim Racing Pedals (Review & Buying Guide) In 2022

You want the best gear as a sim racer. Although it is important to get the best racing wheels for your cockpit, this doesn’t mean that you should stop there. It is important to have a reliable pedal set in order to be competitive against other gamers. We have compiled a list of the best sim racing pedal sets.

Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted

Because it adds an extra level of realism to your favorite simulation racing games, inverted pedals are gaining popularity. ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted by Fanatec’s pivot points, arrangement and distances are exactly like a real car, making it ideal for gamers who wish to experience the feeling of driving in real life. The clutch and pivot points are located on the upper side of your pedals. The pedals attach to a strong metal frame. They are inspired by real cars in every detail, from the distances of the pedals to the long travels when you press them.

The V3 Inverted is equipped with a resistance-adjustable ClubSport Damper Kit that’s already mounted and ready to use on the brake pedal right out of the box. Combining it with the toolless adjustment of brake resistance you will experience a level of realism that is comparable to what you would get from a Fanatec product. Although the setup comes pre-mounted, it allows racers to adjust the pedal extensions in any way they wish. You can also adjust the pedal plates to suit your driving style, so you will have an edge even in intense racing situations.

A new vibration motor is also installed on the gas pedal. This vibration motor lets you know when you lose grip, and when you should slow down on compatible games. If you brake too hard, lock the tires, or activate the ABS, the second motor on your brake will trigger. The custom-made load cell, which is also a Fanatec pedal replacement, is more precise than ever. It is possible to apply real pressure on your brakes. It can be controlled with muscle tension, just like in a car.

The electronics of the V3 Inverted are now 4x more precise than the V2 pedals. If you need to adjust the setup, each axis can either be calibrated via the driver or through the wheel. Fanatec’s high-end peripherals include this pedal. If you are looking for gaming realism, prepare your cash.

Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3

The V3 Inverted may not be within your budget. However, the standard version will give you the competitive edge that you need to beat your sim racing opponents and set faster lap times. Fanatec’s ClubSport Pedals V3 uses the latest technology to provide realistic brake pressure. This allows you to control your car with muscle tension, just like in a real vehicle. The adjustable 90kg load cell, which is more durable and reliable than previous generations of pedals, makes this possible.

The V3 features D-shaped pedal plates and pedal extensions. This allows you to adjust the angle of your pedal plate or the entire pedal arm, depending on how you drive. Although the design of the pedals may seem simple, the proven design allows you to adjust them in many ways. The Pedals V3 is similar to the V3 Inverted. It features 4x more resolution than the V2 models. Like the V3 Inverted, each axis can be calibrated via the wheel or by the driver.

You can adjust the brake stiffness with the new V3 pedals without any tools thanks to their updated design. The pedal is compatible with all platforms and only requires your connected wheelbase. Optional damper kits for your brake and gas are available. The dampening resistance can be easily adjusted using a knob. This pedal is compatible with all Fanatec and compatible racing wheels so you can enjoy the latest games like iRacing.

Fanatec CSL Pedals

Fanatec CSL Pedals are a great option for sim racers who want to add a Fanatec product to their racing cockpit. CSL pedals are made from solid steel and feature durable sensors that allow for precise throttle and brake inputs. Fanatec’s gaming peripheral is made from all metal and built to last. The CSL pedals are made from heavy-duty steel, which is a far cry from other pedals available on the market that are made of cheap plastic.

CSL pedals’ brake and throttle axes are controlled by precision Hall-effect sensors that provide consistent performance, even after hours of play. The sensor is completely contactless, so it doesn’t get damaged during gameplay. The RJ12 cable included with every purchase should be used to connect the pedals to any Fanatec wheelbase. You can use it as a standalone USB device by bringing the ClubSport USB adapter. The CSL pedals are simple and attractive to look at. It is also easy to set up, so you can start racing your favorite sims right away.

After you have found the perfect driving position, you can adjust the spacing and height of the CSL pedals to make them more comfortable. The vertical plates at the rear allow you to mount the pedals on a wall or other hard surfaces. The CSL pedals are affordable for sim racers who have a limited budget. However, once they’re invested in sim racing long-term, you can upgrade the peripheral to make it even more awesome.

An optional clutch or load cell kit can be purchased. You can also upgrade your pedals by adding an anodized aluminum face attachment to the pedals. You can add a clutch pedal to your setup using the Clutch Kit (or Load Cell) which has a strong spring and the same width pedal face as the brake. While the Load Cell Kit is not yet available, it’s the ultimate upgrade that will give you a real braking experience across all games. Aluminum pedal faces will allow you to drive as if you were driving in real life with a heel-and-toe style while playing your favorite games.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals

CSL Elite Pedals is the last Fanatec product featured in this article. The price is in the middle of the range when compared with other brands. Fanatec didn’t skimp on technology or materials, even though it was in the middle of the market. It uses 12-bit resolution electronics and potentiometer sensor sensors. The two-pedal arms have metal gears, just like the ClubSportV3 pedals. The CSL Elite Pedals can still deliver high-end performance to meet your high-end expectations, even at a price point.

This pedal is made of the same 100% metal aluminum design that Fanatec pedals. It will last for many hours, even after long periods of use. CSL Elite’s improved resistance provides impressive stability. Each pedal can be adjusted individually and mounted on a custom racing cockpit with or without the heel-rest plates for greater flexibility in layout. To make sure that your gaming experience is as smooth and realistic as possible, the extra-long pedals provide comfort and realism. Another plus is the new, improved, and innovative design that offers multiple tuning options as well as set-up options.

Fanatec is very open to modifications for the pedal plate surface. You can choose between a smooth or grip surface by removing the rubber pads. Like other Fanatec peripherals, the CSL Elite Pedals are plug-and-play, so you can start playing your favorite sim racing games immediately. The pedal can be connected to both racing wheels and Fanatec wheelbases via the optional ClubSport USB adapter. If connected to a wheelbase, the pedals can also be used on consoles or PCs.

You can’t go wrong with any one of the Fanatec products, so you don’t have to choose between them. Fanatec’s CSL pedals and Elite versions are the most economical. The ClubSport Pedals V3 upgrade is a great option if you want to get into sim racing. The Inverted version, however, is the next level. If you decide to go for the V3, be ready to take on the best.

Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

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Thrustmaster’s T-LCM pedals are the only pedals that use Load Cell technology. T-LCM pedals can adjust to your driving style and gaming intensity without any problems. The force sensors give you the right amount of brake power depending on how hard you press the brake pedal. This gives you the realistic feeling you need when playing sim racing games. T-LCM pedals’ Load Cell can withstand pressures up to 100kg or 220lbs. It can handle anything you throw at it, even if you have to slam the brakes while turning sharp corners.

The pedals are 100% made of metal and were created for the most dedicated racers. Metalheads are attached to the pedal arms, giving you the best control possible while racing competitively. You can adjust the positions of each pedal by changing their height, angle, spacing, and orientation. Thrustmaster offers calibration software that allows you to electronically adjust the brake force and dead zones for each pedal.

A large, textured footrest is added to the base of the pedals. The non-slip base prevents your feet from sliding and helps to prevent slips during racing. Thrustmaster’s peripheral also comes with 6 springs that allow for quick adjustments to customize the brake pedals to your specifications. You can adjust the pressure force to make sure that the brake pedals fit your racing style. If you are looking to save money in the long term, the T-LCM pedals can be purchased as a standalone item or as part of an assortment that includes a Rally racing wheel or open-wheel Rally racing wheels.

Extreme Simracing Inverted Pedals Kit

Extreme Simracing Inverted Pedals Kit is for gamers who already have a Logitech pedal set. It converts your existing pedals to an inverted version, allowing you to simulate real racing. This conversion kit is intended for Logitech steering wheel users who already own a bundled pedal set. It includes structural plates that convert existing Logitech pedals into the GT standard position. However, if you are proficient in electronic assembly, it is possible to use the same kit for other brands, such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and many others as others have suggested.

This is a great tool for Logitech racing wheel users as it reinvents the plastic case that is used to house most Logitech pedals. Logitech racing set owners know this is a major weakness of Logitech’s cockpit. The pedals are very fragile and look cheap compared to other brands. This makes it an attractive add-on that will transform your pedal from a low-quality one to one that looks great. It takes only a few minutes to disassemble your pedals and install the new frame. This instantly improves the feel and strength of the pedals. You can also install a rubber block inside your brake pedal to increase the feeling and firmness of the brake pedal.

The box contains 1 ESR Inverted pedal Logitec Addon, an assembly guide, and all the necessary screws, bolts, and cables to complete the clutch pedal assembly. This conversion kit is affordable so if you don’t have the budget for a new pedal set, you can convert your current one to an Inverted version. It will make sim racing feel like driving a real car from the comfort of your home.

Thrustmaster T-3PM Racing Pedals

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The T-3PM racing pedals by Thrustmaster are last on our list. For the ultimate sim-racing experience, the T-3PM racing pedals have 100% metalheads that can withstand pressure up to 200kg. The base of the pedals is non-slip and will stick to the ground. The racing pedals are able to absorb any force your feet exert during high-stakes races, even if you do happen to accidentally hit the brakes.

The T-3PM uses Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T technology, just like the T-LCM pedals. The 12-bit resolution magnetic sensors ensure smoothness and precision when you apply the brakes or accelerate immediately when you play on any platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) The accuracy of the magnetic sensors is unaffected by repeated use, and it doesn’t lose quality. This weighted pedal base is 20% more stable than the Thrustmaster T3PA previous pedal set, making it a great upgrade for those who already own this brand’s peripheral.

The T-3PM has 4 pressure modes on its central pedal that can be used to adjust your braking preferences to suit your racing cockpit. No matter how your racing setup is mounted, the T-3PM should be easy to set up. The pedal set can be used with any Thrustmaster racing wheel as well as selected steering wheels from other manufacturers. This pedal set is ideal for casual racers without the funds to purchase a pedal with load cells. It can still give a realistic and smooth feeling while playing sim racing games.

Best Sim Racing Pedals Buying Guide


Prices for pedals vary from low-end to high-end peripherals. If you do your research, there are many affordable pedal sets that won’t compromise features or longevity. If you are a serious sim racer, professional e-sports player, or just want to be at the top of the leaderboards, you will need a premium pedal set. If you are driven to win, the cost of the pedals shouldn’t matter. They can help you get the winning glory you desire.


Compatibility with a PC is not a problem if you play primarily on it. Nearly all peripherals work with it. It’s difficult for sim racers using consoles, as a Fanatec pedal will only work with wheels of the same manufacturer. Due to limitations in the software of the console, this is true for Logitech, Thrustmaster, and other peripheral manufacturers. This is not an issue if you are just setting up your own rig. You can easily build the pedal set and racing wheel that you like.


A reliable pedal set must have a high-quality build quality. Although plastic pedals can save you money in the short term, they are fragile and will need to be replaced after a few weeks or months of regular use. A pedal set made of metal is recommended, even the lighter ones, because they are more durable and can withstand pressure. Because they are made of metal, it is easier to break the pedal accidentally.

Extra Features

You should also pay attention to any extra features that your pedal has. Non-slip materials at the bottom of your pedal set will help keep them firmly on the ground. To avoid slippage during racing, pedals must have some kind of mounting mechanism. It’s a great idea to have adjustable pedals that can be adjusted according to your driving style. This will increase comfort in a physical sense. It’s also great to be able to adjust the resistance and pressure per pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are load cells?

When searching online for reliable pedal sets, you’ll hear the term “load cell”. Load cells, also called “Force Transducers”, are used to measure pressure using an electrical signal. This is amplified by the pedals’ electronics. Load cells are simpler than a potentiometer, which requires some kind of leverage reduction in order to remove the forces.

Are gaming pedals too expensive?

Cheap pedals can be fine for sim racing, but pedals will make a huge difference in your overall experience. It is important to invest in reliable pedals. Better brake control is essential if you want to achieve faster lap times than your competitors.

What is the difference between a Load Cell pedal or a Potentiometer pedal?

A potentiometer pedal uses displacement to determine the brake, but Load Cell pedals use the pressure of water. A Load Cell pedal uses pressure to determine braking. In other words, a Potentiometer pedal will determine braking in-game based on how far you push it. A Load Cell pedal will determine braking based on how hard you push them. Potentiometer-based pedals are the most affordable peripherals on the market, but they can still provide the realistic feel you desire for your sim racing games. Load Cell pedals will give you the best experience. Because braking works exactly like real cars, they are more precise and responsive overall.