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Top 10 Best Thrustmaster Sim Racing Wheels

No matter whether you are a sim racing enthusiast or just a casual racer, you want to race with the best equipment. That’s why in this guide we’ve reviewed the best Thrustmaster sim racing wheels for every budget.

As you may already know, the Thrustmaster T300RS is considered the best Thrustmaster steering wheel, however, do they offer any newer alternatives which can knock it off the top spot?

Let’s now look at a quick top 10 list of the best Thrustmaster sim racing wheels before we dive deeper into more details.

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Best Thrustmaster Steering Wheel FAQs

Are Thrustmaster wheels worth it?

We have reviewed many of the top steering wheels on the market and can conclude that Thrustmaster wheels are a great option, especially for sim racing beginners. Thrustmaster wheels have many features, great compatibility and are not too expensive.

Which Thrustmaster wheel is the best?

The most popular and best Thrustmaster steering wheel is the T300 RS. This wheel is a step up from the T248 in many ways and a great all-in-one racing wheel package.

Is the Thrustmaster 248 better than the Logitech G923?

The T248’s force feedback is definitely stronger than the G923. The Logitech wheel produces 2.5Nm of torque while the T248 generates 3.5Nm. This is quite a jump, and it’s obvious when you race.

Is the Thrustmaster F1 wheel add-on worth it?

Overall, the Ferrari F1 wheel add-on for Thrustmaster wheels is a great addition to give you the feeling of driving a real F1 car. With realistic F1 features and buttons, it’s a great addition to your sim hardware collection.

Is sim racing better when you have a steering wheel?

Steering wheels definitely enhance the gaming experience. It’s possible to drive more efficiently and have better control over the car in sim racing games with a dedicated steering wheel setup.

Is it possible to use a Thrustmaster wheel with no pedals?

You can use a steering wheel only without pedals but you would have to configure the wheel buttons to be accelerate and brake in order to drive the car.

Thanks for reading our review of the best Thrustmaster sim racing wheels.